Meet Amari & Sa'Mya

Sisters & Entrepreneurs-in-training

Hi! We're sisters, and we're excited to open our store to try out entrepreneurism with a positive message.


A friend designed these signs and found that a lot of people who were trying to speak out for equality, but didn't know how to do that, felt that this sign was a beautiful way for entire neighborhoods to share their support for Black and brown communities. It's especially powerful when these signs are in predominantly white communities. That speaks loudly to a movement for acceptance of everyone.


To some, this sign means Black Lives Matter. To others, it may just mean that we all need to treat each other better. We believe that *all* positive intentions are good and that many people are still learning that lives mattering is not a political statement, but a human truth. We are hopeful these signs will open up those conversations. And some hearts. Informing and listening is how change happens.


Being Black and having lost our older brother LJ to gunfire in 2019 means that we've experienced some very hard realities at a young age. In what turned out to be a moment ahead of his time, in 2019, LJ had written a list of goals that included starting a foundation and teen center for our community.


He didn't get to see the transformation that 2020 would bring to our country. But we will speak on his behalf and ensure this movement never stops.If you buy a sign from us, the profits will go to our college education fund. Then, if we make more than we need for college, we hope to grow this business into a foundation to help others.


Thank you for sharing love for others, helping Black and brown people feel safe, speaking out, and supporting our higher education as we work to make the world a better place.🖤


,Amari (incoming college freshman)

Sa'Mya (incoming high school junior)