Anti-Racist Toolkit

Welcome to our resource page! We have a variety of peer-reviewed articles, academic journals, and interviews for you to view meaning that they are accurate and a reliable source of information. The content comes in packs so whether you're a beginner or a well versed activist, there's something for you!

Starter Pack Articles

The purpose of this google drive folder is to introduce Black Lives Matter to a new audience! If you don't know what or why we're fighting, this starter pack is for you. These articles are from trusted databases that have been peer-reviewed so you know they're legitimate and reliable material. Please read at your leisure.


Advanced Pack

This pack is for the well versed in black social issues, if you are looking for more insight or info in subject matters like Mass Incarceration, Prison Pipeline, Medical Racism, Racism in the educational system or more......this pack is for you!

Just like the Starter Pack, these articles/academic journals come from trustworthy databases where the content is peer-reviewed and cited so that you can access the author as well.