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We are launching a new project this summer.....a theatre camp!

Growing up in Wyandotte County we never had may opportunities to perform or express ourselves on stage that were easily accessible to us, especially in the summer. We were fortunate enough to have a mom be able to drive us across county and state lines to be able to go perform and get lots of great opportunities!

We want to be able to do that for those who aren't as fortunate, we want to be able to gives kids like us the chance to express themselves freely and safely and we want to be able to set them up for success if this is something they would lie to pursue in the future!

If you choose to donate that is what you'll be funding, you can also donate by purchasing any of our products. Even if you choose not to donate, we thank you for even considering helping our cause and helping these students!

Thank you so much!

Amari & Sa'Myađź–¤

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